Pre-Karate Kubs (Ages 4 - 6)

What do Pre-Karate Kubs learn?

The Pre-Karate Kub Program was created as a motor skill development class utilizing developmentally appropriate movement activities tailored for children ages 4 to 6 years old. While improving their body awareness, concepts of movement, cognitive leaming skills and locomotor skills, your child will be introduced to the basic skills, traditions and discipline of Taekwondo. The program also places much emphasis on teaching young children self-awareness, goal setting, the concept of working to achieve results, and encourages children to learn in a safe and friendly environment.

This unique program also focuses on the significance of good health, nutrition and physical conditioning in order to lead physically active, healthy lives.  It is truly an exercise with a purpose!

Every parent comes with their own specific goals and desires for their child.  At Battenberg's Black Belt Academy we strive to meet those goals in every class while using fun, motivating and effective methods to improve the lifelong fitness of children. Your children are the reason we are here and we will do our utmost to earn your confidence in our program and instructors.


What Skills Will My Child Learn?

In our program, your child will learn and continue to refine skills and concepts centered around the following themes:

• Movement Concepts                     • Discipline/Leadership Skills

     • Spatial Awareness                             • Rolling/Balancing/Weight Transfer

• Motor Skills                                  • Chasing/Fleeing/Dodging

• Jumping/Leaping                          • SeIf-Esteem/Respect

• Kicking/Punching                          • Throwing/Catching

• Social Skills                                  • Character Building

• Fitness/Health                              • Goal Setting  

•Body Awareness


         Another goal that we strive for in our Karate Kub Class is to teach our kubs the exact responses to the real threats of abduction, abuse and bullying.  We do this by using a child-friendly teaching method to deliver memorable life lessons, without ever instilling fear.     We don't want our Kubs to be An Easy Target!   Our program is endorsed by Code Amber and is nationally recognized as the Safety Net Kids Program. 

         Karate Kubs will earn many different colored belts over the course of the program, and are given the opportunity to show their parents and family what they learned at the end of the testing cycle.     We host Karate Kub graduations every 3 months.   When karate kubs graduate from this program, they will be invited to attend our Taekwondo for Kids Program immediately after graduation.

Program Testimonies

Karate Kubs is great way to give your child a head start in life!   Each child begins as a PANDA KUB to learn how to follow directions, show respect and understand what self-discipline looks like not only in our martial art school, but at home too.    Every Karate Kub will learn Child Safety Tips from the Nationally Recognized Safety N.E.T. Kids Program each class they attend.  This program is endorsed by Code Amber and instill responses for safety.


Pre-Karate Kubs is nationally recognized as one of the leading program for children age 4-6.   Its' an exciting approach to giving children a head start in life!  

The Pre-Karate Kub Program at Battenberg's Black Belt Academy has been such an inspiration to my son. I hope to enroll another son when he is old enough...

It has been such a journey for Neil to become a Black Belt in May of 2012. Neil started at Battenberg’s Black Belt Academy when he was only 5 years old...

My son, Edwald Jin, just graduated from the Pre-Karate Kub program. My wife and I are very happy with his progress.